Monday, November 14, 2011

14. and cute stuff for christmas

today i'm grateful for the safe return of my boys, john and josh.
they spent the weekend away (more on that later).
2200 miles and more than 38 hours of driving later, and they came back this afternoon.
so happy they're home!


so to continue on with some "cute stuff for christmas", the boys edition...

i think shopping for boys is incredibly difficult.
every thing is overpriced and pretty darn ugly, if you ask me.
except for all things boden, but that falls into the overpriced category, so boo.

here are my picks for this year.
josh is 9 years old, so again, this is for his age range.

these slippers from old navy are hilarious.
(and they are going to be anna's gift to josh this year)

and i like these pj pants too.
it's hard to tell, but they are bigfoot/ape dudes with 3-D glasses on, eating popcorn.

i also really like these sherpa lined hooded sweatshirts from walmart.
i really like the camo and navy ones.
they are identical to the sweatshirts boden sells but they are $35 cheaper!!
sorry, i can't seem to copy and paste a pic off the walmart site.

for the little guys (ben-sized), they sell these cute shirt and pants sets.
i bought ben the penguin and the dinosaur.
they are MUCH cuter than these cheeseball pictures. trust me.

there is a new diary of a wimpy kid out tomorrow!
amazon has the best price, as usual.

other cool books are

darth paper strikes back: an origami yoda book

cut & assemble paper dragons that fly.

and this club penguin joke book.

josh is so into these halo lego sets.
this one is on his wish list.

land of nod sells some cute stocking stuffers too.
head lamps are fun.

and so are these handheld pinball games.

and these robot stencils are pretty fun too.

some other things on josh's list:
an ipod touch
a puppy
a little brother
a fun time.

oh my.

happy shopping!


Danielle said...

Our boys are so similar in their likes. We have the Darth Vader origami book and he really likes it there is also a Yoda one. I will definitely be getting the Diary of a Wimpy kid book for him and will be looking into that dragon book as well. Halo legos have been bought too. Great post! I think shopping for boys is hard to.

meg duerksen said...


Shelly said...

Amy, if your kids like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, try the BONE series. A terrific graphic novel, with a lot of meaning from the illustrations. My 3rd-4th graders loved them!!!