Tuesday, November 8, 2011

days 5-8.

#5. today i'm grateful for the soft billowy fog that rolled in last night and stayed til mid-morning.
it sure made it easy to stay in our jammies for most of the day.

i'm also grateful for a large white envelope that came in the mail.
we got our golden ticket! (aka the I-171H form from immigration)
we are slowly but surely making our way to davis.
next up, registration dossier!

#6. today i'm grateful for the end of josh's football season.
i have a feeling coach jupin is grateful for that as well.

i'm also grateful for pumpkin waffles.
and recipes that make so many waffles, we happily share with neighbors!
i think they were quite grateful for them too!
the gift that keeps on giving!

#7. today i'm grateful for the amazing ability to see just how messy our house is and how desperately it needs a good cleaning.
apparently i'm the only one in my family able to recognize this!
isn't is amazing?
i kid, i kid...(sort of)

today i'm grateful for a morning full of daylight.
this waking up every morning in the dark stuff was for the birds.
but this morning, the sun was up and shining brightly as i took the kids to the bus stop.
welcome back morning light!
we've missed you!

#8. today i'm grateful for my bestest friend on the planet.
my most favorite person ever.
the cutest boy i ever saw.
my husband john.
today is his birthday and i'm most grateful to be able to celebrate another year of his life.
he's pretty much awesome.


meg duerksen said...

look at that neck!

so glad you like the waffles!!!

loving your thankful series!

Kimberlee said...

Funny that Meg made a comment about his neck! I thought, "Does Amy KNOW she's taking pictures of J's neck?" Ha.

So excited for you about your paperwork!!!