Sunday, January 22, 2012

coffee sisters. the etsy shop.

good evening y'all.
hope you had a nice weekend.
we sure did.
remember that laundry pile?
done and done.
remember those magazines?
read and devoured.
remember anything i talked about on friday?
no, well, me neither.

ok, i guess it's time for the real reason i'm writing today.
ben boy has a big announcement to make.
and no, it's not that he has food stuck all over his face!

our new etsy shop is now officially open for business!
my bff tricia and i put our heads together, usually over our morning coffee, and this was the result.

coffee sisters.
a fun place to be.
i hope you stop by and find something you love.
we will be refilling every chance we get but for now, this is a good start.
and of course, if you want something special, please let us know.

talk to y'all later!
be safe out there my southern friends.
looks like the weather tonight could get nasty.
be safe.

1 comment:

Laura said...

OK...I HAVE to get in the shower and get kids to school...


I am waiting to hit the shop when I return
because I know if I click now
kids will miss the bus

I speak from experience :-)

I am excited!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to check it out

you know...

are my two favorite things

have a beautiful Monday!