Monday, April 9, 2012

army guys.

a week or two ago, john had to go to nashville for a work convention.
he knew josh would love it--army stuff like simulators, helicopters, guns everywhere!
so on a whim, he asked josh's bffs and poppy to go too.
(john is brave.)
so with a car full of boys, they loaded up and headed north.
and oh my goodness did they have a blast!

when they got home josh had some serious perma-grin.
he could not stop smiling.
he told me all about it while i made supper, about how he got to check out all kinds of helicopters and aircraft and meet real army guys and hold real guns.
he thought it was awesome, one of his best days ever.

i know john was TIRED and that it was a very long day filled with driving and taking care of wild boys, but it was the BEST thing he could have done for josh.
josh loved each and every minute of it and especially loved spending the day with his dad.
i am so grateful that john is such a caring and dedicated dad.
he really is such a blessing to us!

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meg duerksen said...

what a gift!!!
it looks like a MAN PARADISE.