Wednesday, April 18, 2012

life with a seven year old.

open curtain.

anna brought home a small american flag from school.
she walked around the house, looking for the best place to display it.
i followed her upstairs, heading to the laundry room while she lounged in her bedroom.

later i checked in on her, only to find the flag sticking out of one of the posts of her bed.

"isn't there any other place this can go?" i asked, shaking my head.

"WHAT?! DO YOU HATE ME? DO YOU HATE MY STYLE?" she screeched loudly.

"ummm. no. i don't hate you. i don't hate your style. i just don't want to stab my eye out with a flag every time i walk in your room." i said, feeling exhausted even though our conversation was only 7 seconds long at this point.

"oh. ok." she smiled. "do we have any ice cream? can i go outside? i'm playing with my squinkies in here! look how cute this one is!"

end scene.


meg duerksen said...

so normal in my life.


Laura said...

I like how life with a 7 ear old sounds.

Life with a 13 year old sucks my big fat ass.

Laura said...

year old
not ear old

and hi meg! is like the three of us are hanging out!
me, you and Meg

that would be FUN