Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring fever.

i have a hankering for some redecorating.
i want to take everything out and start fresh.

i want to clean like a crazy woman and make everything smell lemony.
i want to bring spring and summer back into our home.

i want to sprinkle seashells everywhere and lean starfish on every shelf.
i want to organize and refresh.

i have spring fever.
and i have it pretty bad.

and it doesn't help that the latest pottery barn catalog just came in the mailbox.
that doesn't help me one bit.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Oh I love your big photo canvases! I need to have some made for our house.

Colleen said...

haha! same thing happens to me too once those catalogs arrive. Such pretty eye candy for sure.

Laura said...

can you come and do my home???
I am a sick pup. Too tired to do anything.
I need your spring cleaning enthusiasm.

and the anthro catalogue is painful for me to look at.
makes me want to knock down walls and reupholster everything...even the kids.

Katie said...

I am half terrified, half jumping for joy at the thought of starting fresh -- we are simplifying and moving to a little cottage in the woods. Pinterest is giving me too many ideas to handle, but I am looking forward to a new beginning.