Monday, June 18, 2012

finding the time.

i'm moody.
and wearing my cranky pants.
i just want to crawl into bed and sleep for a week or two or ten.
and no one really wants to read about that, do they?
i've made a pact to myself this week.
i am limiting my computer time to one half-hour a day.
i need to use that time to refocus and get my priorities in order.

and i need to... sort of...fall back in love with the little details of my daily life.
right now, i feel like i've been beat down by daily grind.
when really, that is where my refuge should be, in the satisfying repetition of caring for my family and home.
as you can see, i have some work to do.
be back soon!


Laura said...


But I don't have my cranky pants on...
and how much do I love the term "cranky pants"?
thank you for that.

so hard.
we should rejoice in the ordinary tasks...offer them each and every little thing for the glory of God.

but man. it gets BORING and OLD real fast, doesn't it?

I am at the point where I find what I need to do (like pick up a sick child from school..with a husband out of town for the week...and re organize my entire crazy day around such sick child)...interferes with what I want to do...(like blog...or read other blogs...or take pictures of who knows what)

today I put the blog away for good, for real..and am going to try really living, instead.


that is what I am aiming for

and that will be my prayer for you too!!!

hang in there

I know we will meet one day..and I can't wait!


Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

Oh I so, so, so relate. I think I am driving my husband crazy. Up down and all around. so crazy. Be still! How could I forget? Thank you so much for the reminder! Hugs.

Kimberlee said...

Go and rest.
But know you will be missed.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i so understand what you're saying.
i've been doing much of the same around here. looking for the lovely in my every day life. i know it's here, it just keeps getting covered up by the outside world. blah! we'll find it again though, you AND me. He'll help us, I know it.