Tuesday, July 17, 2012

haint blue.

for my birthday last month, john decided to do a house project on my honey-do list.
we debated about painting our bedroom, or the downstairs bathroom, 
or digging out my over-grown garden.
as we were discussing it, i came across this picture in better homes & gardens.

i showed john and said, "what about this kind of ceiling for our front porch?"
john liked the idea and sped off to lowe's.
it was 107 degrees outside that weekend but he still worked when he could. (he's good one, ladies)

my birthday gift was tongue and groove wainscoting.
i couldn't have been happier.

 a week or so later, we tackled the dreaded task of choosing a color to paint it.
we love the folklore of haint blue paint--the distinct blue ceiling color that wards off evil spirits.
and painting a porch ceiling blue is also supposed to keep spiders and 
bugs from nesting in the corners of your porch too.
but still, blue is a tricky color.
so many shades, so many choices.
paint can be scary.

in the end we picked a color that was too light and ended up having it remixed.
but i think it ended up being the perfect color for us.
not too blue, not too green, not too baby, not too gray, just right.

 one of my favorite things about house projects like this is that when they are done, 
they look like should have always been that way.
our porch ceiling should have always had blue bead board on it.
it just goes with the rest of our house.
and now i think there are a few more ceilings that are crying our for some blue bead board!
the kitchen, the foyer, the bathroom...


Shannon said...

Great color choice and I agree you need more bead board in your home ;)

Shelly said...

Love this:)

Amy said...

LOVE. Welcoming & GORGEOUS!!

Unknown said...

Oh, I love, love, love this!

Danielle said...

Amy, that looks so pretty! I've got the itch for house projects like crazy! Thanks for the inspiration:)

meg duerksen said...

soooo nice and relaxing!
love it.
good choice!

Kim said...

It's FABULOUS!!! I absolutely love the blue. What a great birthday gift!