Thursday, July 5, 2012

our 4th.

our fourth of july was pretty low key.
josh is in new jersey on a fishing trip with my dad.
anna played with our neighbor's daughter all day.
and turns out, ben is now petrified of fireworks.
i spent most of the night cuddling and consoling him.
after he fell asleep, john and anna sat outside setting off smoke bombs and little bitty fireworks, and i stayed inside, on the sofa, with a big glass of wine and a movie.

there you have it.
no pretty pictures, no special party food, nothing spectacular.
but for a wednesday, it was still nice to be home.
so i'll take it!

by the way, i am missing my big boy like crazy.
i had a weird moment tonight while i was fixing dinner--i fixed five plates only to realize that there were only four of us here.
pretty sure he's not missing us much.
especially after this picture landed in my inbox.

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Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

My babies were still in Texas yesterday (they just made it home tonight - yay!)

i missed them like crazy yesterday - it was so weird without parades and such. But, it was kinda nice - we snuck in a steak at Texas Roadhouse in their honor!