Monday, August 27, 2012

school's in.

my mind is full of things i want to write about.
at night, as i'm trying to fall asleep, i type blog posts in my head, trying to remember what i should say in the i slowly...drift off...
and our lives have been very FULL these past two weeks or so.  you would think i have lots to say!

but for whatever reason, as soon as i sit down to the computer and see the cursor blinking on a blank page, i can't do it.
i freeze up, i get all clammy, something just isn't jiving.
i just can't...write.
the thoughts are gone and the details evaporate.
and this poor ol' blog sits all empty and sad like.

writer's block?
i really don't know but i'm working on it.
in fact, i'm forcing myself to at least talk about the beginning of school because let's face it, this blog is for my family and they deserve to have that memory documented.

josh started fifth grade, anna started third, and ben kindergarten, this school year.
having all three in a full day of school has been strange.
i know it's just one hour more for ben, but in the afternoons i feel like i'm missing something since he's not there.
and the school day feels so long for such a little baby.
except that he's not little.
and he's not a baby.
hand me the kleenex, would ya?

josh and anna are loving school.
and i'll take it for now because we all know the hard stuff hasn't even started yet.
this week josh has two tests so i know it's all coming...the hard stuff i mean--the tears and the whining.
maybe this will be the year he figures out how to plan ahead!
ah, i guess we'll figure it all out.

anna has the same teacher josh had in third grade so i understand her routine and the expectations already. 
i think once she gets in the groove of things, she will be fine.
the hardest part for her this year so far has been making new friends and i'll proudly tell you that she befriended a little girl that just moved here and they've been sticking together for the most part.
i've heard so much about her and can't wait to meet her.

ben has a new teacher and a new classroom and pretty much all new friends.
he seems completely oblivious to all of the change and has pretty much just EMBRACED it.
now there's a lesson to learn from if i ever did see one!
his new teacher and aides seem lovely and so far, so good.

ben and mrs. lisa chill on the first day of kindergarten.

i can't wait to see him progress this year.
we narrowed down his services to speech twice a week for 30 minutes, PT and OT once a week.
i think that's what's on his IEP. 
honestly, i barely keep track anymore.
this is a big step for me--not focusing on the details, not obsessing over what is good/better/best, but instead going with the gut feeling that everything's working well when he's at his happiest.
and right now, thankfully, he's very happy.
this combination is working great.
so yay.

so maybe now i'll be able to get back in the swing of posting on a regular basis.
i sure hope so--i've missed y'all something awful.


Kimberlee said...

I completely forgot our Skype date.
Schools in session and there goes my brain.

I love seeing that Ben is embracing change! Ella's doing well, too. :)

Joanne said...

My kids don't start until Sept 4th. When my baby started Kindergarten I missed him somethuing awful. Now they both are going to new schools (middle school and the othet High school) and I still feel like I did when they went off to Kindergarten, But I deal with it fine...wheres my chocolate!?
Great post and you pictures are sweet.
Blessings, Joanne

Kate Eschbach said...

I completely relate. Some nights - i just don't have much to say - and I think that is a-ok. BUT it is so good to hear you and know that you are out there and things are good.

So glad school is off to a good start.