Tuesday, September 4, 2012


i love cardigans.
i love flip flops.
my flat feet do not love flip flops.
i need more comfy jeans.
i want a pair of frye boots.
the realist in me will not pay that much money on a pair of shoes.
even if i'll own them for life.
but i'll drop $300 on groceries in one week.
my kids won't stop eating.
i don't really want them to 'stop' eating but slowing down would be nice.
i can't keep my house clean.
we have too much stuff.
i own approximately 27 lamps.
that's about 21 too many.
if i would stop buying lamps i could afford frye boots.
pinterest is evil.
pinterest is wonderful.
lately everything i cook i've found on pinterest.
like mini corn dog muffins, veggie chowder, apple cider floats.
see, pinterest is wonderful!
(and evil)
i have started working out again.
and i've gained 2 pounds.
i don't understand this.
it is NOT directly related to mini corn dog muffins, veggie chowder and apple cider floats.
i miss my friend blythe.
i miss my friend kelly.
it's been years since i've seen them and miss them.
i am accepting applications for a best friend.
i don't really have one.
well, i have anna and she's pretty awesome.
and my mom is too.
but i need someone my own age.
but we are all so busy with our own lives and for the most part i'm so freakin busy but there are times when i need one person to be there and i don't have that.
i want that.
oh well, so is life.
another thing i really want...i really want to have a shop.
a successful, beautiful store where people come and ooh and ahh, a place that is everyone's favorite shop.
it will most definitely have a striped awning and big flower boxes and lots and lots of vintage stuff.
and it will smell like home on Christmas morning and there will be brown paper packaging tied up with string...
is that too much to ask?
ben can work there with me and everyone will love him.
ahhh...{big sigh}.

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i'm glad i still have dreams.
even if they change on a daily basis, i'm glad they are still there and still a part of me.
speaking of dreams, there was a hot guy on a motorcycle driving behind me today.
i was checking him out in my rear view mirror.
he was niceeee to look at.
i started to make eyes at him (heehee-not really) and then, i realized that i had wet hair, no makeup on and was driving a mini van with a down syndrome magnet on the back.
i'm so hot it's crazy--he was definitely checking me out.
i mean, who wouldn't?
these are my thoughts.
and it's only 10:00 on a dreary monday, er tuesday morning.


Colleen said...

I love this! Sometimes posts like this where we just say random things on our minds are the best one.

Anonymous said...

Me, me! I need a best friend too. :) You make me giggle!!
Kelli Wright

jeana said...

Oh this made me laugh! I'd gladly be your friend.. One who spends $300 on groceries, not boots, doesn't bother fixing my hair (washing it is as far as I make it most days) and has an autism bumper sticker..we may be a good match, possibly too much for the hot guys to handle all at once .

our little life said...

You are hilarious! I love it! I would so love an application for your BFF! It would just have to be a long distance relationship. We could make it work. :)

meg duerksen said...

ha ha haaaaa.
this was an awesome post!
i would be your best friend if you moved to kansas or if i moved to bama. it's hard to find one...i agree with you. i also want to come to your shop. so get busy on that dream please. :) i will come and make your flower boxes pretty with all the flowers from my farm!

hannah singer said...

well. i'm declaring myself your new bff. i may be bossy, but my spiritual gift is paper packages tied up with string.

Anonymous said...

I just want all your extra lamps!!! Hahahs :-). Cant wait to c u next week!!yeehaw!!

Tracey said...

You've always had a best friend in me. Know that I'm here I've always been here and have missed you fiercely. xoxo TT

Joanne said...

And I don't have enough lamps! I always love your posts...this one made me laugh
Blessings, Joanne

Suzanne said...

I hopped over here from Hannah's blog. This post, oh this post, feels like you wrote it straight from my head :)