Thursday, November 15, 2012

a love song.

i stand in my kitchen, impatiently waiting for the coffee to brew.
grab my phone and quickly check my email.
my heart jumps in my chest--i have an email from jaime.
she met isaac.
he's snuggly and sweet.
pictures are on facebook.
tears are instantly in my eyes.


i rush to the bus stop.
we're a little bit early so i grab my phone again.
this time i pull up facebook and quickly type in jaime's name.
there they are.
pictures and a video!
i show anna and she says "awwwww! he's so cute!"
the bus is here so i put my phone away.
i pray out loud on the way to work , thanking God over and over again.


i make it to work and practically skip into the building.
i log into my computer as fast as i can, quickly open my browser and login to fb.
then i catch my breath.
or maybe i'm holding it.
a picture of jaime holding her son stares back at me and i'm mesmorized.
he's real, no longer a photograph, no--he's real alright, and hanging onto his mommy like she's always been there.
he seems small to me and very pale and i can't help but wonder what kind of care he's been getting.
i can't fathom the thought that they will not be bringing him home this time.
they have to leave him there.
i quickly push that away, focusing instead on the beauty of the moment.
there is so much beauty.


a little boy met his mother and father today.

i can't explain to you my happiness looking at this photograph and reading jaime's emails.

i wonder if this is a little bit of what heaven feels like, where everything feels blanketed by love and even the breeze sings a love song.
redemption is a beautiful love song.


Danielle said...

Beautiful my friend, I can't wait to do a post of you meeting Davis for the first time! I will be a big blubbering mess on that day fo sho!:)

Kate Eschbach said...

I completely agree with Danielle. I am going to be a big mess when you meet Davis! I am already holding my breath and saving up for gas money to come see you.

Ashley said...

Ditto Danielle and longing for it to be you and Davis soon. Lord, bring him home!!!

J said...

Yes, yes what everyone has said. You write so beautifully; you are so perfect with words. I will be a puddle of tears when I finally see Davis in your arms. Lord, please, SOON!!