Tuesday, November 27, 2012

getting christmasy.

our tree is up and some decorating has been done.
packages are arriving on our doorstep almost every day (can i get an amen for online shopping?).
i worked on our christmas card this weekend and it's almost done.
i keep thinking maybe i should wait until after our trip to order them.
i think our littlest son may need his picture on our cards too.

my mind is so full with adoption jitters and my heart is so anxious it feels like it's going to burst.

i'm trying to remain calm, trying to keep things fairly normal for the kiddos, and trying to enjoy these next few weeks before our hearts are turned completely upside down.

our home is slowly filling up with the goodness of all that is Christmas, slowly but surely.
until we're all good and done, let's get lost in some beautiful pictures together...a beautiful distraction if nothing.

all photos from here.

that's nice.
off to brew another cup of coffee and to find my fuzzy slippers.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

I didn't comment the other day but I am so very excited to hear that you got your travel arrangements. such an exciting time!!!

I have done so much online shopping this year. my husband was saying "you keep getting alot of packages." Ya think hon???