Wednesday, November 7, 2012

scarlett and dreary.

the sun is not shining today.
it's cloudy and dreary and mostly grey.
i stood on my back porch and snapped these pictures just a few minutes ago.

the leaves are falling everywhere and onto everything.
the colors make me happy--the red, the orange, the yellow.

i made sure to ask the kids to bring handfuls of the gorgeous leaves inside this past weekend so i can dry them and use them for our thanksgiving crafts.
i placed them in between wax paper and they are hanging out under some heavy books to make them nice and flat.
i think we'll make something like this just for fun.
or maybe just hang them like this.

now it's hailing outside.
so weird.
i can't take my sweatshirt off without freezing.
winter's coming so fast now...

my sweet girl is sick.
we found out on saturday that she has scarlet fever!
she is feeling better but still peppered with this yucky rash.
this was her sweet little face this weekend.

she is missing school and her friends so badly.
praying she feels well enough for school tomorrow!


Colleen said...

oh my gosh, your poor sweet girl! that looks so uncomfortable. I hope she feels better soon

j*e*n said...

Poor Anna!! Hope she feels better soon.

Katie said...

Scarlet Fever -- Yikes! My Ben had it twice. :( He would start getting an infection in the webbing between his two fingers (which he sucked, so they were always wet and yucky) and the strep germs just went nutso. Did she get the sandpapery feeling rash and peeling hands/feet as well? That always freaked me out about Scarlet Fever. I have pictures of my other two looking just like that when they had Fifth's Disease. I hope she is feeling better this week and she was able to go back to school!