Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spring blossoms.

i've been overwhelmed by my emotions lately.
everywhere i look, there are signs of birth, of renewal, the beauty of an awakening.
spring has officially arrived here in the south.
and it's a down-right beautiful thing to witness.

i guess i've always been too preoccupied to notice before, but i am so acutely aware of it now.
and maybe i've even fallen in love with spring in a way i never had before.
fall is still my favorite but spring is very close second.
the cherry blossoms alone may have clinched the deal.


Anonymous said...

so beautiful!

Kate Eschbach said...

Oh those photos! I will pray for renewal for you as well!

Lisa said...

These pictures make me so happy! Yes, the cherry gorgeous. They almost look like mini double roses. Do they smell sweet? I think of you all the time, my friend. Much love, Lisa xoxo