Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloween 2013.

i love halloween.
i especially love dark, stormy, windy, creepy halloweens.
and that's just what we got this year.

ben was a football player, anna was a ninja, and josh was phil from duck dynasty.
it was our most laid back and low key halloween ever--a blessing in itself but also a sign that my kiddos are getting older.
sniff sniff.


we hit the streets early, a little after five o'clock, ben running ahead of everyone and laughing the whole way.
he was truly happy, sincerely and utterly full of happiness, and his happiness had us all laughing.
the big kids were full of excitement, josh even asking, "why would ANYONE be too old to trick or treat?  it's free candy!"

i'm at home, watching the news, nibbling mini dark chocolate milky ways, and awaiting their return.
oh i know, when they all get home, wet costumes will be thrown about, candy dumped on the living room floor, and the kiddos chatting a million miles a minute.
i can't wait.


SHINE said...

I laughed out loud at your first sentence...because MY first sentence of my Halloween post was "I hate Halloween." I know...people don't get it...I was even called a Halloween scrooge.

Create a day where we go door to door for chips and salsa and margaritas, and I am all over that!

your kids are super cute...tell them to stop growing...


Colleen said...

I love that first picture! Is that your front porch? such a pretty place for a picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I always thought Jude was so handsome and wondered why he was still waiting. I just saw him on MFFM. God bless you!

Sue H.