Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hi you. it's hump day!

it's been one of those days when all i want to do is be outside.
right now i'm sitting on the patio, watching ben and anna play on the trampoline.
i can hear kiddos running all over the neighborhood, playing football (where josh is), riding bikes, playing in the cul-de-sac.
it's cool outside, but still warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt.
i'm just going through some recent pics on the laptop.
and i'm kinda thinking i should have brought a cold beer out here with me...

the tops of the trees are just starting to change colors.

john has been spending a lot of his free time building a new play house/fort for the kids.
it's loosely based on this design.
the kids are already planning their first sleep over in it.

josh and ben like to beat each other silly.
i think it's a guy thing.

sleeping with the windows of my most favorite things ever.

bonnie is 16 years old.
she's starting to act senile and has terrible arthritis.
but yet she's still quick enough to catch a bird.
amazing old girl.

our garden is a nothing more than a huge patch of weeds.
i can't tell you how many times i just wanted john to weed whack it.
but somehow, miraculously, there are zinnias blooming and even a few gourds.

this boy.
he can be sweet as pie.
i treasure those moments.
some time he can be...well...nevermind.
i'm sticking with the sweet.

and this girl.
oh when she tells a story, she just comes ALiVe!
this story was about an armadillo.

and this pic?
it needs no caption whatsoever.

now about that beer...


Kate Eschbach said...

smiles around and around.

SHINE said...

ok, so I didn't scroll to the picture, and I thought "Bonnie? I don't recall a daughter named Bonnie?? maybe a cousin or niece?" and even the fact that this girl was losing her mind at age 16 didn't surprise me....but the catching the bird part??? that had me wonder....

then I scrolled down.

ahhh...a dog.
makes so much more sense now.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to build that same playhouse! We are twins;)

Danielle said...

I have wanted to build that same playhouse! We are twins;)