Sunday, January 19, 2014

january observations.

here we are at january 19th already.
january is always a blur.
the hoopla of the holidays is behind us and i think we all crave the stillness and pause of january.
the kids are getting back into the swing of things and i've welcomed routine back into our home with open arms.
except for homework.
homework is never welcomed with open arms.
i digress.
i'm kinda in the mood for writing a list of all my january daily notes so here goes:

--all three kids brought home great report cards.  i'm so proud of them.

--anna has been having some emotional outbursts lately.  either she's jealous of the boys, or seeking attention, or both.  i have a feeling her hormones are going wild.  i don't know how mothers with lots of daughters handle it.  (i'm talking to you, danielle farley!)

--i would pay someone to trim ben's finger and toenails.  i have done it for almost seven years now and i've finally had enough.  i'm sourcing it out.  interested parties apply within.

--josh and john are twins.  it's terrifying at times.  and wonderful at other times.  but mostly terrifying.

--i'm freezing.  i'm counting down the days until spring rolls in.  winter is not my favorite.

--i was on pinterest the other day and i was loving every single thing on there.  i even said out loud "this is the best pinterest board ever!  i love it all!"  and then i realized i was on my own pinterest board.  i'm a dork.

--is blogging over?  i notice less and less blogs still going strong.  that makes me feel so sad.  but here are a few of my favorites lately, all new to me, very different and very, very beautiful:

the beetle shack
heart handmade
me and alice
hello from the natos

--i have found myself in situation after situation, over the past year or so, where i just can't imagine getting through things without help from the Lord.  nothing in my own simple mind can make sense of things without Him.  i think about times in my life where i sinned, failed, made terrible choices, etc. and in each situation, i felt like i was in control.  so foolish.  now i feel like i am never in control, that nothing is ever possible without God.  and there is a peace that comes over me like i've never known.  and this peace is grace.  maybe i'm just now getting it, but man, I GET IT.  and it is such relief.

--i love lists.  they make me happy.

that is all for today.
c'mon spring.


Christine Vandormolen said...

Hi Amy, I always so enjoy your posts and your sweeties getting bigger and bigger. I sometimes think about you and how you have been trying to adopt the little boy in Russia. As I can see he is still not with your family. I actually just thought of you last night as I finally blogged about our play room for the first time. I still havent changed the color of the Armoire yet, here is a link if you want to take a look
Wishing you all the very best!!!! xoxoxo Christine from Little Brags

SHINE said...

that last paragraph is just so spot on awesome.
i may ned to print it and tape it to my thighs.
because Lord knows that is where my focus has been lately.

in relation to your blogging comment:

did you ever see Saint Elmos Fire? The last scene...where the group of old college friends are all looking in the window of the bar they used to always go to..."their place" all through out college...and their table has an entirely NEW group of college kids sitting they decide to "do brunch" somewhere new...

THAT is how I feel about our blogging world!

After leaving my old blog and taking some that I am is like I found a whole new group of friends at OUR table!! And it feels weird. almost like we have been replaced!

I think we are all growing...
kids are bigger...
issues are more personal and not really meant for the world to read...
and with age, we find peace...and perhaps that need to put it all out there and be in constant contact is not there anymore...
there is something beautiful about simply being in the moment and keeping it sacred and not needing to pin it or post it or IG it...

i think we are all in need of brunch somewhere new :-)

that's just my feeling about it all.
if SHINE didn't have a specific purpose in mind, i doubt I would still be blogging.

we should have a reunion...
at the craft house...
all of us "old bloggers"
with lots of chips and salsa and margaritas...

happy january sweet friend
i too am counting down the days til spring...

Kate Eschbach / Songs Kate Sang said...

Oh new blogs to get lost in! Love you friend.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I laughed out loud when I saw my name:) Glad your blogging again, now can you kick my butt into gear so I can start back up?

Anonymous said...


So glad to see you post again. I enjoy your updates. I just finished listening to the book, To Heaven and Back by Mary Neal. If you haven't listened/read it, please do! It has given me so much to reconsider/think about in terms of our purpose and so much more that I didn't think I'd glean from a book with that name/subject.

Sue H.