Saturday, April 26, 2008

How many fingers?

Today was Anna's birthday party. We had three girls over and they all played with playdoh in the backyard. So simple and so much fun.

The girls got messy, there was lots of giggling, and when it was all over Anna told us it was her "best day ever."
I'm so glad we really pared down this year--both Josh and Anna's parties were so simple and so much less stress on everyone.
We really missed having Anna's friend Silvie over. Deana called an hour before the party and said Silvie was running a fever and not feeling so good. Silvie's bday party is tomorrow so I hope she gets better fast!

Josh had another game today and then he went with Garrett to his friend Cortland's birthday party. We owe Brett and Paige big time today! They really helped us out so much by carting Josh everywhere and giving us time to get ready with the party. Ben was such a good boy today--he napped during most of the party and got up when the cake was being served. I swear he can smell food from a mile away! He always wakes up when it's time to eat! Josh was a goofball today; he got in trouble a couple times for calling people idiots and then for whining. He just seems like he's so "over" us and he only wants to be with his friends. It really makes me sad, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. I know that's not going to change any time soon!

One last highlight of the day: while I was cooking dinner tonight, Anna told me this out of the blue, "God is really smart. He's a lot smarter than me...because he's five... or six, right?" Ahh, it must be good to be four. Happy Birthday my sweet loving baby girl. We love you so much.

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nana said...

Happy Birthday My Sweet Anna! We are so glad you had a great day for your party. Wish we could have been there for your bday and Josh's and Ben's too! We are sending a package in the mail for all of you! Keep an eye out for the mailman. The package should come around thursday.Love to all, Nana xoxoxoxoxoxoxo