Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lil' Diva's Day Out

Today was Anna's real birthday. We celebrated with eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast, macaroni n' cheese and ranch chicken sticks for lunch, leftover birthday cake for snack and lots of candy...all of Anna's favorites. Anna's friend Silvie had her party this afternoon at this cute little shop called Lil Divas Day Out. The girls put on princess ballerina outfits, had their hair and makeup done, twirled around like the little divas they are and even walked the red carpet and did poses. After that it was time for pizza, cake and ice cream and lots and lots of gifts. Lip gloss, hot pink fuzzy pencils, princess stickers--every lil' diva's dream come true, including my lil' diva's.

If you zoom in you can see all the glitter in her hair and on her face, the super pink eyeshadow and glitter pink lip gloss. On the way home, Anna told me that when she turns five, she has to have her party there. So I guess I can kiss the small homemade, inexpensive parties goodbye!

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