Sunday, May 11, 2008

little discoveries

since it's mother's day, i thought i'd share some little discoveries that i have made this weekend with my kiddos:

josh has hairy toes now. does that mean he's becoming a young man? i just got over him not being a preschooler anymore.

we made happy pancakes like this today with the kids initials on them. to finish up the batch i made a few with smiley faces on them. anna had one on her plate. she looked at me and said, "do you know what my smiley pancake is saying?" "no," i said, "what?" without skipping a beat, she said, "he's saying ouchie! ouchie!!" i looked down and she was cutting him up!

josh was picking on anna and wouldn't leave her alone. finally, fed up, she hollered at him, "stop disturbing us!" honestly how many four year olds say disturbing?

anna ran from the bathroom crying. josh was in there too, going number 2. he had showed her his poopy toilet paper and it scared her.

ben worked so hard today to pull himself up to sitting position in his crib. i see more and more determination in his eyes each and every day. sometimes i worry about when he'll be able to do something, like crawl or walk, but mostly i worry about how insanely crazy it's going to be when he is doing those things!

a song came on the radio today and i picked anna up and we slow-danced together. i nuzzled my face in her neck and told her how much i love her. i told her that i'm going to really miss her when she grows up and leaves me. she told me that she'll miss me too --when she grows up and i go to heaven.

right now, anna and josh are in their small tent in the playroom watching cinderella. despite all the fights today and no matter how many times they annoyed each other, they are still best friends...for now.

one more thing, i can't let this post go without writing a small note to my mom too.

mom, you are still my best friend in the whole world and i feel so lucky to have you as my mom. i wish every day, that we could live closer to each other and i'm sorry that things aren't working out like we hoped they would. but you know that it really doesn't matter if i see you every day, you are still with me and with my kids, in our hearts and always on our minds, and we all love you so much. and most of all, i hope you know that there is not one person in this whole world that i'd rather argue with than you. (lots of hugs and kisses).


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