Monday, May 12, 2008

bad mommy

tonight, after ben came home looking like this (sticky hands soup-induced mini mohawk)

and anna was following me around with her usual 50 million curious questions

i gave in and fed my kids this.

so they wouldn't complain and whine about not wanting to eat veggies and other yucky green stuff. bad mommy.

they gobbled it up. good mommy.

then we played doctor and anna told me that i had a "severe eye infection" and that it "looked pretty bad." good thing she could fix it with her pretend scalpel and stethoscope. then it was on to baths. good mommy.

shortly after, the big boys came home from baseball.

then after josh ate a snack and cried through all of his homework {WAY TOO TIRED}, he told me that his throat hurt. i looked at it and thought it maybe looked red. unfortunately, i told him this. and then he cried again through his shower and getting dressed...because his throat hurt. so i pretended to look again. this time i told him it looked fine. and he stopped crying, got dressed, read his dinosaur book with me and went to sleep--and his throat stopped hurting. bad mommy.

oh well, i guess some days are like this. and it's all a part of being a mommy. the good and the bad.

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