Saturday, May 10, 2008

mommy's day preview

yesterday i went to anna's preschool for a mother's day luncheon.

the children were so excited and they ran around showing us mommies all the things they had done to prepare for us. we ate small sub sandwiches and lots of pretty desserts like mini eclairs and pirouette cookies. best of all, anna made me a lovely vase and some flowers made from her hand prints. it will look great on my desk at work.

the kids also studied metamorphisis this week and made these too. butterfly wings and caterpillar hats. they looked adorable.

early this morning, after a long night with ben, i went for a walk with bucky.

it was so nice to listen to the birds, look for rabbits and enjoy the cool morning before the day's frenzy starts. i noticed a bunch of things around the neighborhood that i hadn't taken the chance to before. i think we have over 30 ducks and geese taking up residence at the pond now too.

well, the sun is now up and i can hear little bodies stirring in their beds. the family will be up very soon and the quiet will be gone for the day. better enjoy the last of my coffee.

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