Tuesday, May 13, 2008

poor girl

today anna had her 4 year old checkup. she's grown over 4 inches and gained a little more than 6 pounds in the past year. unbelievable. she was a brave girl and got three immunizations--with little more than some wincing and a quick tear or two. after the shots, she got a pink lollipop and we went to mcdonald's for lunch. just the two of us. we sat in the sun and ate on the picnic tables at the playground. there was only one other girl there, who was also named anna. they quickly became buddies, climbing the slides and big tree, even holding hands to jump off the large platforms together. she had a blast.

then, after we came home early with a teething, sad ben boy, and after we got josh from the bus stop, she proceeded to fall out of her little truck and give herself some yucky bruises and scrapes. just in time for dance recital on saturday!

anna had her last dance class tonight and she did the best job ever. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she remembers her routine and words to the song for recital. no matter what happens, it will be great. now, i am going to have to figure out how to make this shiner disappear...

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