Sunday, June 22, 2008

around the house

heard around the house this morning by the little people that live here:

{on the subject of the cartoon tom and jerry}
anna: "mommy, do thomas and jerry live in our country?"
mommy: "honey, they aren't real. they are cartoons."
josh: "yeah, they live in disney world right?"

{about diamond rings}
anna has been wearing a pretend diamond ring for the last few days. this morning she gave it to josh so he could have a turn. then she turned and asked me for my diamond ring to wear.
anna: "mommy, can i wear your ring?"
mommy: "i never ever take it off. sorry."
josh: "that's because it tells other people that you and daddy are pregnant, right?"

{potty talk}
anna and josh were brushing their teeth together when anna sneezed. all of a sudden she asked josh: "hey josh, wanna see some cool boogers?"


last night for dinner, i made these pizza rolls. they were delicious.

and then we made this for dessert. wonderful.

we also went shopping at kohl's and bought josh these goggles.

now he thinks he's the coolest. and i have to agree.

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