Saturday, June 21, 2008

happy family part 2

saturday afternoon we met up with uncle jay and we trekked to the teledyne brown picnic. the kids had a blast running around the grounds, eating everything in sight, and bouncing from one activity to the next. they had everything there: facepainting, games and prizes, cotton candy, sno cones, ice cream, all the chicken and bbq you could want, moon bounces, even a balloon animal maker and a magic show. eventually we all settled into our lawn chairs and listened to the band. but we couldn't sit for too long--it was so hot and humid. we were all tired and sticky messes when we left.

on father's day morning, i made some happy pancakes for everyone and we ate while the dads opened presents and cards.

we went swimming a couple times while nana and poppy were here too. the water was a little chilly, but with temps in the 90s, we all had to get in and cool off. josh is so close to being a bonefide swimmer, but he lacks the confidence. maybe by the end of the summer he'll feel more comfortable. anna is very confident, but she doesn't like to stray very far. either way, they both love the water--especially when nana and pop are swimming too.

one day, before heading to the pool, ben got too tired to go. as nana sat in the chair and rocked him, ben nuzzled his head into her neck, and went right to sleep. it was so precious.

another night, while i got ben down to sleep, nana read anna a new barbie book and then tucked her in too. anna was so happy to read with her nan.

and of course there is still the big debate...who really won the miniature golf championship? was it really bad addition by jason or did john really get a 5 on that one hole? it's too bad i don't have any pictures of the boys golfing, but i sure bet they had fun. josh still talks about it!

love you guys lots. thanks so much for coming down and spending your time with us. we miss you and love you each and every day. so very much.

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Jeremiah said...

The photo of the baby in the stroller (2nd shot) with his full mug...THAT's a great photo.