Monday, June 23, 2008

bday wishes and surprise

just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that called/emailed/sent cards to wish me a happy bday. i had a very busy day running back and forth between work and home and picking up kiddos. but when i got home this afternoon, i had this waiting for me.

that's right. my very own beach cruiser. sounds strange, doesn't it, but i've actually pined for one for a long time. and john has been listening, surprisingly enough. i rode it up and down the street this afternoon and i have to say, it felt great. thank you so much john and my kiddos. you did good. real good.

and ben got a new ride too. saturday morning, i picked this up at a yard sale.

he loved riding in it so much, he actually cried when we stopped pushing him. if ben could tell me, i bet he would say i did real good too.

here are a couple of other cutey bday pics i wanted to share.

happy. happy. day.


nana said...

Hey guys! Loved everyone of these pics! The kids are so darn cute. Glad you had a happy day Amy. Love Nana and Poppy

nana said...

Sorry forgot to mention the bike! Love the bike too! love again nana and poppy