Monday, June 23, 2008

creative family

here's a little secret about me--i want to be the kind of mommy that allows her children to live a creative life. not just coloring books and crayons--no, the kind that does real arts and crafts, the kind that doesn't mind mess from glitter glue and papier marche, the pottery and knitting and sewing. i'm not sure where i get this from, but i have a deep down desire to create sometimes and to share the experience with my children. i yearn for a special place to create and i have concocted (in my mind, mind you) an area upstairs in my home where we can have jars and jars of paint, and paintbrushes and googly eyes and glitter and sequins and feathers and anything else that any child would love to create with. i've already begun making sketches...sorry john. another project for you.

so it's really no surprise that i recently purchased this book.

and while we already do some of the activites in here, i have already added a few to my list. like making homemade placemats for the kids, ones that they paint themselves; making bedtime bags to hang at the foot of the kids' beds so they have a place to put their pjs and favorite books to read. it's these kinds of things that kids remember and that they are most likely do with their own children. and it's just that thought alone that inspires me most of all.

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nana said...

It could be that you get this creative thing from your Mommom!
You know she was the one who could sew and make just about anything! remind the kids about their great grandmother.Love Nana