Tuesday, July 22, 2008

catching up

i've been way behind on sharing pics with you. i've had to use john's big ol' camera since mine is travelling across europe with uncle jay. so bear with me!

this sunday we went to the pool. josh used to be very nervous around water, but he has become a regular water rat! he is swimming up a storm, especially under water-- all without his swimmies. i guess he's watched his friends at camp this summer and decided it was time.

anna was one loud and proud girl at the pool in her, i mean my, wonder woman bathing suit. nana, recognize this at all? it's only about 28 years old!

and after ben boy's swim, he decided to take his nap on me and let the older kids keep swimming.

we stayed for about three hours. the kids cracked up at their 'prune hands!' i just love this shot.

john and josh bought mario kart for the wii this weekend too. it's a crazy racing game and sometimes just watching them play makes my stomach feel tingly. but josh is addicted and hasn't stopped smiling for the past three days straight. and i've actually got him to read a few books in exchange for his playing time so it's been a win-win situation for us!

one more exciting thing--today ben got up on all fours and moved himself around a bit. he's been getting around "commando"-style, so to do the traditional crawl is a H-U-G-E deal! i wish i got a pic of that, but i was too busy clapping and fussing all over him!

i am so. very. proud.

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nana said...

We were sooo surprised to see Josh swimming under water and Anna in the Wonder Woman swimsuit! Ben you are so sweet and cute and it breaks our hearts that we can't be there ! Love to all Nana and Poppy