Tuesday, July 22, 2008

how to leave a comment

after talking to nana, i've realized that many of you want to leave a comment to some of my posts, but don't know how. if you're interested, here's what to do!

1) under the post it will say 'posted by amy at..., 0 comments.' click on the '0 comments' link and it will bring up a screen where you can leave a comment.

2)type in what you want to say. in the 'leave your comment' box.

3)type in what you see in the wavy green letters in the 'word verification' box.

4)for the first time leaving a comment, you may have to sign up for a google account. this is really no big deal so don't stop now! under 'choose an identity' click on the button that says 'no google account? sign up here' link. follow the instructions on this page by entering your email address, picking a password and of course, enter in the long wavy red 'word verification' again. check the box to accept the terms, and choose continue.

5)now you are ready to publish your post. you may have to redo the blue wavy 'word verification' and enter your identity again if you are using your new google account you just created. remember, your username is your email address, not your display name. type in your password and hit 'publish your comment.'

6)your comment will now be posted!

next time, you will only have to enter your comment, your username and password, and hit publish! easy peasy!

now i guess i better get to posting something brilliant so you have something to comment on!

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