Monday, July 7, 2008

monday rambling

anna is officially signed up for soccer. john is going to be her coach and they have chosen pink jerseys. anna's thrilled. she's already named the team the "pink diamonds." so, in keeping with the pink theme, anna tried on her new cleats with a pink swoosh and of course her new pink ball.

watch out boys. there's a new girl in town.

i came home today and found these waiting for me on my doorstep. i have tried to grow hydrangeas as beautiful as these and dry them, but i just don't have the patience. and the pH of our soil always turns mine pink. while i like the pink, i really L-O-V-E the blues and purples and greens. i found these on ebay of all places and i'm so glad i went ahead and ordered them. i am totally smitten. plus they are already dried, so no watering. bonus!

john cut josh's hair tonight too. josh wanted something really cool, so john went with, well, a mild mohawk.

that huge grin tells me that he thinks he's cool now! maybe ben's next...

and one last thing--every time i see this goofy picture...

i can hear this song in my head, "don'tcha wish your boyfriend was hot like me, don'tcha?" try not to laugh too hard!

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