Sunday, July 6, 2008

random thoughts

just a bunch of random thoughts before i forget to share:

~i found this guy in our bathroom on friday. yup, that's right--in. my. bathroom.

i don't know who was more scared--me or the mouse--i trapped him in a shoebox then john and the kids let him go way behind our fence. he must be a quick one neighbor told john she saw a little brown mouse run across her deck that same night...probably be seeing him again sometime.

~today i have been absolutely miserable. i don't know why either. the sun is shining, the kids are happy, but for whatever reason, i have been a big fat pain in the butt. oh well.

~josh is completely obsessed with board games, card games, any games at all. he loves uno and can't get enough of penn stateopoly. and his friends. he loves his friends almost as much as he loves us. it's real close.

~one big lesson i recently learned: no matter how much i want something to get done around the house, unless john WANTS it done too, it will not get done. if he doesn't care about it all, it will get put off and put off and put off.

~ben is scooting himself all over the place on his bottom and then when he's on his stomach, he can pretty much get anywhere. but he still does not use his knees!

~this picture pretty much sums up how anna feels about the loud boomer fireworks.

~and this is probably the scariest picture of uncle jay. ever.

~another lesson i recently learned: acting pyschiotic about things not getting done around the house only makes ME miserable and everyone else just thinks i'm a big fat pain in the butt.

~anna is such a little mommy. she corrects josh on everything: "jooosh! it's not 'POT-sicle', it's POP-sicle!"

~this big fat pain in the butt is now tired of typing. peace out.

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