Saturday, August 23, 2008

catch up

anna has been sick for the past three days. she's finally feeling better today--she even did some painting--and said her goodbyes to her fever.

but that means one thing for me: catch up. i'm behind in everything: the cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. you name it, it needs to be done. so we've been busy.

and today was no exception. today was josh's football jamboree. all the football teams in the area got together to kick-off the season and scrimmage. he had two games, back to back, and unfortunately they lost both. BUT, and i'm trying so hard to wait to tell you this, he scored TWO TOUCHDOWNS! there really is nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing, more exhilarating and thrilling than watching your child succeed. he was so fired up and his team started playing so much better after he broke the first one. they really got into it and started cheering each other on. josh just beamed--and tried even harder. of course john was all smiley and red-faced. i fought back tears and instead, yelled and cheered like crazy.

it. was. AWESOME.

here are some pictures from the day.

ben and anna watching from the sidelines.

josh getting congratulations from coach terry and coach dad.

how many touchdowns was that again? oh that's right, TWO! (insert proud momma smile here)

so tonight to celebrate, garrett is spending the night. these two are total goofballs together. and judging by the volume of the giggles, i would say they are having fun.

one more update too, for nana. here's our new kitchen pendant light.

i love it, but not too sure it goes with the other chandelier. should we go with something more simple now for over our table? what do you think?

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nana said...

Congratulations Josh! We are so proud of you! Poppy was beaming. We also like the new light . It looks great- so different. Will have to see both lights together before we can make a decision about a change or not. Hope to be coming down afer labor day. Love to all from poppy and nana. Love Nana