Wednesday, August 20, 2008


yesterday we came home to find a surprise on the front step. aunt blythe had sent us a big white box in the mail--filled to the tippy top with goodies for the kids. here are a couple of pics of the kiddos enjoying their loot.

we have listened to the high school musical theme song about 5,000 times now--almost as many times as we've played space bingo! thank you so much blythe for the wonderful surprise!

this morning we had ben's occupational therapy (which went great! really, really great!) and i had a room mom meeting at josh's school. busy busy. when i finally got to work and got settled in, anna's teacher called me and told me that anna is officially one. sick. little. girl.

so she's home now sleeping on the couch and i'm working (ok, blogging) while she and ben nap. i hope she starts feeling better soon.

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