Wednesday, August 13, 2008

he deserves better

there is so much controversy surrounding a new movie out called "tropic thunder." you probably have heard of it--the newest ben stiller flick with jack black and robert downey jr, all my usual favorites. jason showed me some previews and it really looked so super funny.

but then i heard one of the catch phrases from the movie, "never go full 'tard." that's right. tard, as in retard. ben stiller plays this actor who once starred as a mentally disabled person and that phrase is robert downey's advice to him. seriously. and while reading this article and this one too, i just can not seem to find anything funny in it at all. in fact, it really just hit way too close to home. why would anyone choose to make fun of someone like this

it's just beyond me.

so, my family will not be seeing that one. instead, i'd much rather watch things like this short video i saw today. it really touched my heart. i hope you enjoy it too.

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