Friday, August 15, 2008

hey sexy

yesterday i received an email from josh's teacher. he was acting inappropriately and she wanted me to know about it.

at first i was upset, but as i started reading her email, i found myself laughing. out loud.

see for yourself:
"Good afternoon! I wanted to let you know about some things that happened today at school. My students lined up in the hall to use the restrooms this morning. Then, one of my students came up to me and said that Josh said something inappropriate. I asked him what he said, but he wouldn't tell me. So, then I asked Josh to tell me what he said. Josh told me he said "Hey Sexy" to another student. I told Josh that it's inappropriate to say things like that at school and he said it was just an accident. Then, later on today, he said it again. I reminded him that we don't say things like that at school. He wasn't in trouble or anything, but I wanted you to know about it."

hey sexy. now that's funny. but the really funny part is that john taught him that the night before! in fact, he's the one who helped josh understand when and why he would say that! so...he's also the one that has to explain to him now why he shouldn't say that at school.

maybe john needs to go to time out.


Anonymous said...

:) That's pretty funny!

nana said...

Josh Poppy and I know you are sooooo sexy and we're sorry you got in trouble at school. But, just stay cool instead of sexy,dude! Love Nana