Sunday, August 3, 2008

heard round the house

my little kiddos are awfully chatty this morning. here are a few things heard 'round the house.

anna: "mommy your legs are sharp and splintery."
mommy: "i guess i should shave them."
anna: "get all the pointies off."

josh: "what's for breakfast?"
anna: "pancakes."
josh: "what's for lunch?"
anna: "pancakes."
josh: "well what's gonna be for dinner then?!"
anna: "waffles."
josh: "yes!"

ben: "BAH!" {meaning "ball!", in reference to his new toy}

we've been super busy this weekend. playing superman, or girl.

making birthday cards (can you see what josh drew on that boy? yes, those are his balls.),

playing with empty wrapping paper rolls,

anna and ben have been spending lots of quality time together,

and playing so hard, you fall asleep on the floor in the midst of it all.

fun, tiring weekend.

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