Monday, August 4, 2008

crazy monday

today was a crazy monday. first was ben's physical therapy at 8. meet mrs. jeannie. we just love our mrs. jeannie.

then off to preschool and work. out at lunch to run errands. there were cleats, shin guards and soccer shorts to buy. back to work. after work there was the rush to pick up the kids and head to josh's first grade open house. that's right, i said first grade. said hello to his new teacher mrs. gibson and then wrote like fifty checks to every school organization on earth.

back home for supper and then out to the yard to finish moving plants and the good dirt. we are having our deck extended and the existing deck prepped to become a screened porch. uncle jay came over to help. very exciting stuff.

anna took a moment to pose for me--look at how big she's getting. i can't get over those long legs!

then back in for a quick game of mario kart, and on to jammies and bedtime. just finished cleaning up the kitchen and starting a load of laundry. whew. i'm exhausted. need to go pack bags for preschool again tomorrow, and for josh's football practice and anna's soccer practice, and probably should check home emails, and pay some bills...i'm ready for tuesday already. mondays are crazy.


nana said...

Yes Anna is getting sooo tall! I can't believe those long legs of hers. Josh i can't believe you're going to 1st grade! Hope your first day and all year is a good one. Study really hard and get good grades, because football players have to get good grades to keep playing. Miss all of you and Ben you keep up the good work too! Love Your Nana

nana said...

I wanted to post about the deck/porch. John don't kill yourself. You're doing a great job and thanks Jason for helping.(you know Jason, someday you'll have a house) I know it's going to be great when it's all done, but it is alot of hard work. Good luck! I'll see it in October when i come down. Love to all,Nana