Thursday, August 28, 2008

lunch bunch

today i sat with the lunch bunch (the girls at work who eat together every day) and we talked about our kiddos. we all have different stories and struggles, so it's nice to vent about it with people who 'get it.'

i talked mostly about josh with school work and reading. but i could have easily talked another issue i have with him--getting him to eat healthier. he loves fruit, but won't touch a vegetable, and prefers anything with an uber high sugar content.

so when i ran across this today, i almost freaked out. go look at some of these lunches (i used the slideshow option in flickr and ooohhed and ahhed over each one)!

ok, that's it. i'm armed with inspiration. i'm going to publix right now and stocking up on the good stuff.

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Courtney said...

oh my jaw dropped as I watched that slide show! thanks for sharing that link on Restyled Home! that made me hungry, so now I have to go get a snack...