Sunday, August 31, 2008

heard 'round the house

another {mini}edition of heard 'round the house!

~while john and i bickered about something stupid, i told john he lived in his own world. anna quietly interrupted: "daddy lives on our planet, earth."

~while getting ready to put anna and josh to bed last night, john told anna, "in five minutes, your nickname will be sleepy!" then she giggled and said, "your nickname will be johnny toothy!" and josh had to add, "no anna's nickname will be black tooth!" which of course made her mad.

~anna had to go potty (#2) and ran in to tell me: "mommy i think my stomach bug is back because my tummy hurts again! or maybe now it's a stomach monster!"

i was working in the playroom picking up toys and putting away books, so i could run the vacuum. when i came back in the living room, this is what i found!

i keep forgetting that ben can get to almost anything he really wants now. he really loves playing with the tissue box--almost as much as playing with anything that's paper. he worked up a good appetite so i got lunch ready.

how much food can he get in his mouth? too much.

and here's one of anna trying to make her baby carrots look like big orange teeth!

you'll notice josh isn't in any of these pictures--he is just too cool and busy for us these days. he had football practice in the morning, where he's the starting quarterback for real (OMG--talk about stress!), and then he had a friend over until dinner time. but don't you worry. i will be taking some pics today and i promise to get a few of him too!

check back tomorrow for updates on our house projects--the deck and flowerbeds, the armoire, the alcove upstairs.

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