Friday, August 8, 2008

sicky sick

i've been home sick for three days now. i have this awful, awful stomach bug that just won't quit. every time i think i'm doing better, i end up overdoing it and then i end up right back where i started--spending time with the porcelain throne.

and even though i'm sick, there is still so much life and activity around me. the kiddos have been so crazy funny lately and i wish i had the time to write it all down. and our new deck is almost finished too. i can't believe what this contractor can do in one week. josh is loving school and completely blew me away at his football practice. he's really become so coordinated and fast! ben is moving more and more every day and also has become Super Vocal Boy! anna is moving up at her preschool to the last 'big-kid class' before kindergarten--and she's so excited about it too!

but the one really big thing that's going on is with john. today is his last day at tbe. he will process out this afternoon, have a week off and then start his new job at northrop grumman the following monday.

i just can't believe he's leaving after ten whole years, and leaving a bunch of people who love him so much. they really do! but i understand his frustrations and i know we can certainly use the money with everything we will have to pay for in our near future. so i feel so many mixed emotions about it all. i think he has mixed feelings too. so we'll see. one day at a time, right?

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