Saturday, August 9, 2008

more heard 'round the house

more heard 'round the house this morning:

~josh, while putting a spell on anna with her magic wand, said, "abracadabra baker's man!"

~anna, said to ben when going in his room to say good morning (and heard on the baby monitor), "good morning you cutey little chicken!"--to which ben replied with lots of squeals and happiness.

~josh, while trying to explain the difference of the transformers groups to me, "a lot of people at my school get confused about the megatrons and the autobots." i asked, "well then who are the decepticons?" and he said, "oh yeah! the decepticons and the autobots. i get them confused too."

~another thing, not heard but observed--ben played with the shadows on his highchair tray--while we all giggled and watched, he stayed intrigued for a good ten minutes.

~when anna crawled into bed with us this morning, she told me while hugging me so tightly, "mommy i love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you and i hope you aren't sick anymore." and i wish i would have stayed in that bed and hugged her longer, my sweet little girl.

have a great saturday!

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