Tuesday, August 5, 2008

team jupin

tonight was anna's first soccer practice and josh's first football practice.
don't they look cute?

john took anna to practice since he's coaching. anna's team decided to call themselves the "pink ponies" and so i'm off to find some pink water bottles for each girl and some pony stickers.

i took the boys to football. it was only 108 degrees outside when we left to go to practice. luckily, ben and i chilled in the shade and met some new families from church.

i wondered if we did the right thing signing josh up for football instead of soccer with his neighborhood friends. but when he came over to me in the middle of his water break and told me that he was having so much fun, i knew we made the right decision.

everyone's in bed early tonight. first day of school tomorrow! stay tuned for some pictures from the bus stop!

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