Tuesday, September 9, 2008

matthew mead halloween

my mother was never a big halloween fan. she wasn't into all the costumes, the decorating, the trick-or-treating. to this day, she still asks me in wonderment, "why do you love this holiday so much?"

for me it's simple. it's about celebrating the season through the eyes of a child--no matter how old you are. you are never too old for a carved lit pumpkin or a beautiful grouping of mums, or filling the candy bowl with perfectly stuffed delicate candy bags.

i love it all.
my mom, not. so. much.

but, there was one thing we did do.

we had these vintage-looking cardstock pictures, maybe they were old masks? she would pull out the same ones every year: a black scaredy cat, a tall skinny pumpkin face, a short round pumpkin face, a witch. and with old yellowed scotch tape, we would hang them on the windows of our living room, over-looking the driveway. i remember being so excited to open the shutters every afternoon, just to be sure they were still there, and feel the energy and excitement...halloween was coming!

so when i saw these photos from matthew mead's new halloween magazine, it all came rushing back...the cat, the pumpkin, the yellowed scotch tape. here's a preview of what he has so wonderfully crafted just for us!

i've seen matthew's work in country home magazine and many, many other websites, like linda from restyled home, but this stuff is amazing. it makes my heart pitter-patter. he is truly the king of candy corn! his wife is soooo lucky (yes, he's married!). i think i would die if john said, "hey, let's think of something creative to do this halloween."

that'll never happen. so i better just savor matthew's ideas. each and every one.

target is selling the magazines and so is amazon.com. i bet you could find it at just about any newsstand. but you are going to have to fight me for a copy! for this halloween junkie, this one is a keeper!!


restyled home said...

Thank you so much for participating in my contest and give-away, and for helping spread the word about this wonderful publication.

Between you and me, Matthew loved his new "kingly" image!! What a great photo! Feel free to make me into a queen or princess anytime you like...

Loved this post!!

Melissa said...

I'm right there with you! Holidays are simply magical.