Wednesday, September 3, 2008

she did it again

one of my most favorite blogs ever, little momma and company, posted the cutest idea ever!

she made her kiddos little pretend "cameras" that the boys took with them through the days activities. they pretended to take pictures of different things,

and when they got home, they "developed" their pictures--drew pictures of what they saw that day.

i really think my kiddos would love this. we might just have to give it a try.

seriously, have you checked out her blog yet? it's colorful, it's funky, it's got music, super happy music. she is always doing amazing little cooking classes, making keeper recipes which she shares (thank you!), even makes and sells cutie aprons! so inspiring! why are you still here? go!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Thanks for the Kudos!

I hope your cutie pie kids like this activity as much as mine did.