Tuesday, September 2, 2008

no updates :-(

sorry about yesterday--i just didn't get around to taking pics of all of the updates.

but i will, i promise!

instead, we were busy with other things like playing at a birthday party, doing crafts and running through sprinklers

and doing math homework (yes I do realize it's probably counterproductive to take pictures while josh is doing his homework, but he was counting as high as he could by tens and it was funny watching him get out of breath!)

tonight we have to fix john's truck (don't ask) and then it's off to football and dance. so maybe later this week i'll be able to post updates. sorry aunt sue--you have to be patient!

one more thing before i head out. happy birthday to my office mate nancy!

she's in germany right now and while this isn't a picture of her, it is a picture of her husband (he's the tall one with the big horn)! HAHAHA

i hope you're drinking one for me, nance. happy bday!

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