Sunday, September 21, 2008

this old house

i woke up today with that jackson browne song, "running on empty," playing in my head.

and that's how i feel. like i'm running on empty.

i spent all day friday taking ben from one doctor to the next, trying to figure out what's going on with him. he's been making this horrible wheezing sound and i thought for sure my pediatrician would just say, "oh, he's got croup." and send me home. but instead he wanted me to go see the ent doc and have x-rays done too. they thought he may have swolled something and wanted to be sure. after almost six hours in doctors' offices, after throat, neck and chest x-rays and a throat scope, they sent me home with nothing. no diagnosis, no prescription, nothing.

so after another noisy and scary night friday, john called the doctor again on saturday and he finally wrote us a script for a steroid to open his breathing passages. and on the medication, plainly written, was the words "as used to treat croup." just like i originally thought.

i don't care who you are, but mother's intuition has to count for something!
ben was a trooper through it all and i couldn't be luckier. he is such a good, good boy.

early saturday, anna had her soccer game and pictures made. then josh played his game and he scored another touchdown. that's four for the season so far.

then we went to see uncle jay's new old house. did i tell y'all that jason bought himself a house?
it is amazing. i love it all--maybe even more than he does! here are some pics.

i'm dying over the fretwork on the porch, and all the beautiful light fixtures, and the updated master bath, and the porcelain and crystal door knobs and the amazing 12 inch mouldings, and the fact that he can walk out his front door, walk across the street and have the city's rose gardens right there!...etc. etc. i am really so happy for jason and proud too. congrats jay! you deserve it!

i better run. there's still so much to do this weekend. and now i have that song in my head again! ugh!

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