Thursday, September 18, 2008

to my man

tuesday was our wedding anniversary.
8 years. i can hardly believe it.

that morning, john sent me an email that read this:
"happy anniversary. don't forget, poker on saturday."

yep, no anniversary date for us. he's playing poker on saturday.
no worries though.
we celebrated with the usual: KFC.
sad, but true.

i didn't mind really. who doesn't like orignial recipe chicken? come on now? it's really good stuff.

today i was looking for a recent picture of john to post.
but truth is, i mostly take them of our kiddos.
maybe that's a testament to how far we have come as a couple.

over the past 8 years, we have gone from shamelessly selfish individuals to loving and doting parents and partners. we depend on one another for everything and consider our family our top priority. i love what we've become and just how far we've come--together. we live a great life.

thank you john for being so patient and caring.
thank you for being the kind of father who is involved in every aspect of your children's lives.
thank you for providing us with a happy home and warm food on the table to eat.
thank you for taking turns with me for all the practices, games, therapies, etc. without you, there's no way i could do it.
thank you for saying 'i love you' and kissing us all good night every day.
thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder when i'm overwhelmed and i need you.

but most importantly,
thank you for squishing all the nasty spiders around our house with a tissue.

you are the best man for me. i love you. happy anniversary.


nana said...

Yes Amy, be thankful for your husband and your wonderful kids. I love all of you sooo much and only wish i could have been there so you and John could have gone out for dinner or a movie. Anyway, maybe next year-ha ha Love Nana

Kelli said...

Congratulations! Never made to 8 with my first and just a little over a year with my second. I'm so proud of you two! :)