Monday, September 15, 2008

woo hoo!

i got to work this morning and had an email. linda from restyled home had left me a comment on my blog. this alone is big news. linda is like a rock star of the blog world. she gets like 1000 hits a day on her blog! my heart was beating fast.

i opened the email and read that i was chosen by THE matthew mead himself as a top prize winner in linda's contest. my heart was beating faster.

i had to go to linda's blog and read what to do next. when i opened her blog, i saw the picture i had posted of matthew as the king of candy corn. the picture i made--on linda's blog. my heart was pounding.

this is crazy exciting! i am now awaiting a package of goodies from matthew mead! an autographed hardbacked collector's edition copy of his halloween magazine and other surprises that i don't even know about yet!!

to say i'm excited is an understatement! thank you so very much linda and matthew for your generosity!

to show my appreciation, linda mentioned that i could make her into a queen any day, so i did. i hope you like it linda!

in other, and much less exciting, news, it seems like fall is finally upon us. today we all pulled out our sweatshirts and jeans, and all the neighbors stayed out until dark talking and enjoying the cool weather.

we came in the house, turned off the air conditioner and opened up the windows. i highly doubt we'll be turning it off for good, but the cool air feels so good. i think we'll all be sleeping good night.

and i'll be dreaming of my halloween goodies to come!

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restyled home said...

YOU made MY day!!! I laughed out loud at your flattering post and the great Queenly photo of me!!

I am so going to blog about this...!!

Thanks, Amy!! You are a rockstar in my book!