Monday, October 6, 2008

bridge street

as if i needed another reason to love my husband. take a look.

he and ben fell asleep together after ben's bottle yesterday morning.
when i look at this picture, i just smile.

nana came to visit yesterday too.
she's staying the week to help watch the kids while they are on fall break.
today we decided to go to bridge street.
we stopped and made wishes at the big monaco fountain. it's hard to come up with as many wishes as nana has pennies.

then we ate at red robin. yum. delicious (but crazy expensive) burgers and shakes.

and we finished up with a trip to the carousel. anna chose to ride the big buck and josh picked a bunny rabbit. weird picks, but still lots of fun for them.

we also visited anthropolgie and i admit it, i wanted oh, about half of the store.
john reminded me that we aren't millionaires, so i quickly fled--even without the adorable embroidered owl dish towel for a mere $18.

we are all so tired tonight. more fun tomorrow!

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lindsey said...

you have such an adorable family! looks like it was a great day, but don't you just wish you LIVED in anthropologie? i have a hard time leaving that place - so inspiring!